Cancer Tutor

“The Keys To Cancer” website is set up to assist people in educating themselves to the different “Root Causes” and different “Keys” Dr. Gary Gautier recognizes as being some of the main factors in reversing cancer. Read More

Selenium and Cancer

The relationship between Selenium and cancer has been recently acknowledged by the USA FDA however natural Dr’s have known about this miracle mineral for a long time. Read More

Iodine and Cancer

There is a strong connection between being deficient in iodine and cancer, this connection has been well documented for many years. When supplementing iodine there are many forms to choose from however the most useful to the body is nascent iodine which is an atomic form of iodine, this means it has incomplete number of electrons. This type of iodine is the most bio available and easiest for the body to absorb and utilize. Read More

Gerson Diet Cancer

Dr Max Gerson was one of the first pioneers of natural cancer reversal methods. Over time his process was refined into what’s known as the Gerson Diet Cancer protocol. It is comprehensive but simple in nature. The program consists of large quantities of vegetable juice, coffee enemas and some supplementation. Read More

Coffee Enema Cancer

The coffee enema cancer protocol is a very valuable tool when looking to fight cancer. This protocol is not new and was discovered in modern times during World War 1 by battle field nurses. Aside from being a pain killer coffee enemas have a number of benefits to the body when dealing with cancer. Read More

Cancer Fighting Foods

There are many cancer fighting foods to consider. Most food fits into 2 categories, it is either the food is making you sick or making you healthy. Even healthy cooked foods are acidic and that acid can contribute to cancer if it gets out of balance. Read More

Baking Soda Cancer Cure

There is no such thing as a baking soda cancer cure. There is no cure for cancer and never will be a cure for cancer. The idea Baking soda can cure cancer however does have some merit. Dr. Simoncini an Italian physician found a lot of success using baking soda intravenously to poison the tumor effectively shrinking them to nothing. Read More

Baking Soda and Cancer

A lot of people are talking about baking soda and cancer! Baking soda is one of the most alkaline substances we can digest and has been successfully used in cancer reversal processes. Baking soda assist the body in fighting acidosis. Read More

B17 Cancer Treatment

The Vitamin B-17 cancer treatment has gotten a fair amount of exposure lately. Vitamin B-17 is a term often used interchangeably with “amygdalin” and “laetrile;” however, there are some distinct differences between the three. Read More

B17 and Cancer

The notion of B17 and cancer going together may sound odd to some however many now believe that this could play a big role in the natural reversal of cancer. Read More