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Baking soda can be incredibly beneficial in the fight against cancer. Given its alkalizing (or basic) pH of approximately 9.0, baking soda can be used to counteract the acidity that can accumulate in your body. Baking soda is useful by buffering the pH of cells and tissues to increase oxygenation and carbon dioxide. Moreover, baking soda can aid the body in the detoxification process and support the body in healing from radiation exposure and oxidative damage, all of which are important in recovering from cancer.

Energy is produced in cancer cells through a process called anaerobic glycolysis which relies on glucose, a form of sugar, as the primary fuel source. Acids such as lactic acid are byproducts of this metabolic process. As a result, studies have found that the extracellular pH in cancerous parts of your body are generally lower than normal tissue.

A highly acidic environment encourages invasive tumor growth in both primary and metastatic cancer types. The consumption of sodium bicarbonate has been shown to increase the pH of tumors which helps slow the formation of mutated tissue in metastatic breast cancer mouse models. Baking soda was also found to decrease the rate of lymph node inflammation and reduce the occurrence that the cancer would spread to the liver.

When you increase your system’s levels of pH using buffers such as sodium bicarbonate, it helps lower tissue acidosis levels. Furthermore , the reduction of tumor acid levels has been found to reduce tumor growth and metastasis without negatively affecting your blood or unaffected tissue’s pH concentrations.

You should keep in mind that each tumor is distinguished by its own unique traits and all may not be extremely acidic. Regardless of the tumor’s acidity, balancing and creating a slightly alkaline internal body environment is beneficial to improving the health of your internal systems.