"This website is dedicated to the memory of all those who lost their lives rejecting a broken and corrupt system, while searching for the truth about cancer."

Cancer Causes and Control

Cancer causes and control techniques are essential in understanding how to properly manage cancer. It has been long though that cancer is a condition which results from several root causes and in a effort to heal the control of these environmental exposures is essential. Cancer causes and control techniques are used to stop the metastasis process and reverse cancer in some of the sickest patients. The causes consist of chemicals as well as EMF exposures which lead to damaged DNA, damaged cells and they even contribute to a broad range of deficiencies. From the time you wake up you are exposing yourself to these chemicals and emf, Commercial soaps, toothpaste and even checking you phone is playing a role in the causation of this horrible disease known as cancer. Identifying these things and finding healthy substitutes can be key in taking the load of off your body and giving it a chance to heal. This is taking control of these causes and eliminating them from your day to day life. You cannot heal while in the same environment that made you sick, you need to either change your environment or your environment needs to change but this is step 1 in healing.