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Cancer Fighting Foods

There are many cancer fighting foods to consider. Most food fits into 2 categories, it is either the food is making you sick or making you healthy. Even healthy cooked foods are acidic and that acid can contribute to cancer if it gets out of balance. Raw vegetables, herbs and roots are alkaline and help balance out the acid, these foods are at the top of the list of cancer fighting foods. Some of these vegetables, herbs, and roots contain antioxidants which help eliminate cancer causing free radicals, others directly stimulate the immune system while all of them have unique nutrient profiles giving your body the vitamins and minerals needed for normal health immune function. Regardless of how these cancer fighting foods work it is best to eat more whole living foods and less processed packaged foods. If you want to stay healthy this will ensure your body has what it needs to maintain healthy function and avoid disease. When you consume too much packaged processed foods your body runs toxic and deficient leading to a constant breakdown of function, this is the beginning of cancer. This is why it is important to include cancer fighting foods into your diet as much as possible.