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Coffee Enema Cancer

The coffee enema cancer protocol is a very valuable tool when looking to fight cancer. This protocol is not new and was discovered in modern times during World War 1 by battle field nurses. Aside from being a pain killer coffee enemas have a number of benefits to the body when dealing with cancer. The first most important thing is the detoxification of the liver, The liver is one of the main organs which assists in keeping you safe from cancer and when this organ fills with toxins and its function suffers cancer is the result. Some of the other benefits of the coffee enema cancer protocol is the production of glutathione which is the bodies master antioxidant as well as the cleansing of the colon. The colon also plays a major role in health considering this is where most all of your water and nutrients are absorbed.  The introduction of several anti-cancer protocols often leads to detox symptoms which are reduced by using the coffee enema cancer protocol as the coffee enema detoxifies the liver of all the toxins backing up which are causing the symptoms. The list of benefits is long and for anyone with cancer this is a necessary addition to any comprehensive cancer reversal program.