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Energy Healing

Chances are you have experienced something that has left you feeling sad, stressed, angry, or scared– something that has been emotionally traumatic. Fortunately there are several ways to heal your emotional energy. There are several techniques that comprise the field of energy healing, which involves understanding the elements of your personal energy, including the aura, chakras, thoughts and emotions as well as spirituality. Energy healing strives to help patients recover through both proactive and progressive means. Energy healing puts a focus on health, happiness and well-being at each level, including the physical, material, emotional, spiritual and psychological levels. Essentially, those who practice energy healing learn to live their lives in balance and to the fullest.

Yoga/Chakra Balance

If you want to cultivate strong relationships and good health, you should know this comes from balanced chakras. Chakras are the energy centers in our body that exist from the base of our spine/tailbone up to the top of our head.  Chakras are associated with different human experiences such as security, abundance, creativity, love, communication, wisdom/intuition, and spirituality. Only when your chakras are in tune with one another can you enjoy a life that is harmonious and joyful.

Even though the evidence of their existence does not exist in modern times, the entire chakra concept is one that derives from yoga, which is becoming increasingly more mainstream in people’s lives as they realize its benefits for good health and personal, all-around well-being. Yoga is known as an effective remedy to relieve stress, which is a precursor to disease and over all lowered quality of life, including mental health problems. Yoga is also a big energy booster.

When the chakras are imbalanced or even blocked, the energy flow into and out of the body and the flow of energy between chakras is impaired. Chakras may become under active or over active, resulting in disturbances that spill over into the individual’s health, spirit, mind and emotions.

Chakra healing, involves clearing and opening the chakras and returning them to balance, this can help an individual to restore their physical health and maintain energy.


Emotional freedom technique, or EFT is a practice that can help you release trauma and step into the life you’re meant to live. It is grounded in the same focus of traditional acupuncture which has been successfully used to treat both physical and mental ailments for millennia. EFT is a type of psychological acupressure that involves the same energy meridians.

If you choose to practice EFT,  you will be prompted to think about your specific problem – whether it is trauma, disease, addiction, or even pain – while speaking positive affirmations. At the same time, fingertip taps are used to garner kinetic energy to particular head and chest meridians.

This combination clears out emotional blocks that short circuit the body’s bio energy. The result is a restoration of the balance between mind and body, which allows for health optimization and healing of the body.