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Enzymes serve multiple purposes in your body, and have shown to be an important key in the prevention and protection against cancer. Enzymes work by speeding up chemical reactions in your body through either helping to build new molecules or by splitting the bonds that join molecules together to break them into smaller pieces. While your pancreas produces a juice that contains natural enzymes that help with digestion, you can also take enzyme supplements to aid in this process. This juice helps break down fats, proteins, and carbs while also counteracting stomach acid so that it doesn’t harm your small intestine.

It’s been noted for some time that there is a connection between low levels of pancreatic enzymes in your body and the development of cancer. Enzyme therapy, also known as enzyme replacement therapy, can be used to boost the level of enzymes in your body and fight abnormal cancerous cells. However, very high amounts of enzyme supplements are required in order for this protocol to be effective. Enzymes aid in digestion, they digest abnormal cells  before they can grow or spread any further.

Most enzyme products are made from digestive enzymes either obtained from hog pancreases, fungus, or plant sources. These synthetic enzymes function in a similar manner to your body’s natural digestive enzymes. Much like the natural ones, they aid in the breakdown of animal protein as well as the removal of the thick outer coating that can covers cancer cells, known as fibrin. Fibrin, a tough protein-like substance that cancer cells can use to shield themselves from the immune system, which prevents it from accurately identifying and destroying them.

Enzyme therapy has shown to be beneficial in boosting the defensive powers of macrophages and natural killer cells, that scan the body in search of abnormal cells to destroy. Think of this like your body’s built-in military force. The stimulation of your immune system defenses not only reduces the risk of cancer growing and spreading, but also can help prevent cancer cells from developing to begin with.

Certain supplements such as systemic enzymes can help regulate your immune system’s numerous responses. Enzymes are drawn towards pro-inflammatory cytokines, which help regulate how your body responds to infection, trauma, and inflammation.  Some of these cytokines, such as TFN (tumor necrosis factor), as well as the CRP (C-reactive protein), actually make diseases worse.  Enzyme therapy may be used to target tumor growth’s over-stimulated activity and shut it down.

In other words, enzymes literally digest and destroy cancerous cells. While supplemental enzymes aren’t delivered to the digestive system to fight alongside your pancreas’s natural enzymes, they do serve a purpose. They wind up floating around the body, digesting whatever they happen to run into.

The pancreas’s proteolytic enzymes combines with the supplemental enzymes to boost your immune system and make sure the enzymes are carried where they are needed, targeting cancerous cells and stopping them dead in their tracks.