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Heavy Metals

  • Mercury affects the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, and immune system. Mercury pollutes the air in communities where mine coal and ore burn waste. When mercury is in the air, it becomes precipitation that contaminates water sources as well. When it does, it affects a variety of aquatic animals whether they’re in salt or freshwater. It builds up in the tissues of fish like sharks, tile fish, and king mackerel. When we eat this, it is absorbed by our tissues and can wreak havoc on our brain and organs. In dental work, mercury is used in fillings to protect teeth against cavities; these fillings are about 50% mercury which poses a great risk to your health. Mercury is also used to make thermometers with red liquid inside, traditional fluorescent bulbs, small button batteries, pressure gauges, switches, thermostats, dental fillings, and certain medicines.
  • Arsenic is a well-known poison that is believed to cause many kinds of cancer. Arsenicosis occurs when your body intakes arsenic at unhealthy levels. While arsenic poisoning is often done intentionally, you can be exposed through contaminated soil, rocks, wood, and even groundwater. High levels of arsenic are used in an insecticide and in rat poison. Small doses are also found in cigarettes, polluted air, and in semiconductors of electronic devices. Overexposure can lead to seizures, headaches, overall low energy, and eventually death.
  • Nickel is a metal that in high concentrations, is linked to the increased risk of oral cancer. Traces of nickel may be found in fertilizers, jewelry, coins, belt buckles, eyeglass frames, and cellphones. In usual cases, prolonged nickel exposure leads to the development of an allergy which manifests in rashes and blisters. While lethal nickel poisoning is possible, it is very rare.

The presence of these heavy metals can disrupt the body’s metabolic functions. They also affect vital organs such as the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, and even the bones. They also displace the body’s much-needed nutritional minerals, causing deficiency thereby keeping them from doing their biological functions. Heavy metals are present in the world around us. We can absorb them through consumption, inhalation, and skin exposure.

Heavy metal damages the body in many ways. High quantities of these unwanted substances in the body may lead to the following:

  1. Suppression of the immune system, which leads to higher risks of cancer
  2. Increase in free radical activities and oxidation process
  3. Start of premature aging, which may lead to neuro-degenerative diseases and learning disorders
  4. Increase the risk of heart diseases

Heavy metals are impossible to remove from our toxic world. Even as a fetus, you are exposed to these metals from the womb of your mother. As we grow older, our exposure to them increases. They are mostly found in processed foods, contaminated water, metal-laced ointments and skin care products, certain vaccines, dental amalgams, and other medical implants.