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When it comes to modern dentistry, you may observe that it seems more about fixing teeth than about managing your overall health. You can get fillings, root canals and crowns from your dentist, but they’re only a temporary solution. In fact, many dental fixtures, including fillings, often contain toxic chemicals that can harm your health in the long run.

For a permanent solution to dental problems, you need to address your overall health – and that’s where holistic dentists come in. Instead of using quick fixes, a holistic dentist will focus on your body as a whole and its relationship with your oral health. They promote health and wellness rather than the treatment of specific diseases.

Holistic dentistry focuses on the mouth-body connection. Holistic dentists believe that poor physical health leads to poor dental health and vice versa. Choosing a holistic dentist will help you avoid the toxic, temporary solutions that come with a general dentist. For example, the holistic dentist offers natural solutions for dental issues, such as addressing the root cause of issues such as root canals without having your tooth extracted.

Most holistic dentists believe that eating foods to keep your body in balance is the key to optimum dental health, holistic dentists advise you to cut down on sugar, drink raw milk, and eat plenty of yellow butter in order to heal tooth infections. They also insist on natural remedies rather than traditional harsh treatments like mercury fillings, fluoride treatments and anesthesia.

To determine if a material is safe for you, a holistic dentist will order a range of testing, including muscle testing, electrical testing, cranial-rhythm testing or blood testing. In other words, they understand that your biology determines your filling material. This can be an important reason to visit a holistic dentist, since silver or amalgam (mercury) fillings are very toxic, as mentioned before.  This toxic exposure alone can lead to health problems because small parts of these fillings are absorbed by the body each time you swallow, eat, or drink anything.

Fortunately, holistic dentists can remove those harmful fillings in a safe way and replace them using safe materials that won’t affect your health. Holistic dentistry also helps you avoid the harmful dental X-rays associated with conventional dentistry. Studies have shown individuals who have had regular dental X-rays have a significant increase in the risk of developing brain tumors. Due to high radiation exposure, X-rays can be very dangerous to your health.

That’s why holistic dentists only use digital X-rays, which are about 50% lower in radiation than the traditional dental X-ray machines. Because they understand that radiation is still present even in the digital X-rays, holistic dentists use these sparingly to help you maintain optimum health.

A big factor to overall health in people who are diagnosed with cancer, is to find a holistic dentist. You may want to get checked for potential continuous toxic exposures that may be contributing to your impaired immune system. It is so important to have any previous work redone in a way which promotes overall health instead of disrupting it. Once your mouth is clean of these toxic metals and chemicals, your body’s ability to deal with cancer greatly increases.