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Iodine and Cancer

There is a strong connection between being deficient in iodine and cancer, this connection has been well documented for many years. When supplementing iodine there are many forms to choose from however the most useful to the body is nascent iodine which is an atomic form of iodine, this means it has incomplete number of electrons. This type of iodine is the most bio available and easiest for the body to absorb and utilize.  Most other forms of dietary iodine becomes mere iodide in the digestive tract which cannot be utilized in the same way by the body. Iodine-dependent organs and processes may not be adequately supported. This is what makes nascent iodine such a popular form of iodine for supplementation. When the body is low on iodine the thyroids normal function as well as its ability to produce cells that attack cancer is compromised. There is also a direct relationship between iodine and the bodies ability to utilize oxygen producing ATP cellular energy. Without oxygen level remaining optimum both pH and cellular voltage suffers creating a perfect environment for cancer to thrive This makes the connection between iodine and cancer clear and the supplementation necessary for anyone who is deficient.