"This website is dedicated to the memory of all those who lost their lives rejecting a broken and corrupt system, while searching for the truth about cancer."

Keys to Cancer

There has never been a “cure” for cancer and there will never be a “cure” for cancer. Cancer is unique from person to person and develops as a result of many different potential factors. Most people suffer from an unknown combination of these specific factors for MANY years prior to a cancer diagnosis. The “Keys” to cancer starts with understanding all the factors which cause this process and how to assist the body in addressing each of those factors using the miracle substances given to us by God/nature. Every unique factor that contributes to disease/cancer, nature has provided a very unique and useful solution.

There are many substances that have been cataloged as assisting the body in the processes which are beneficial in reversing cancer. Thousands cause apoptosis, the cellular death of cancer, others boost the immune system, some assists in the detoxification of organs and cells, while some kill pathogens. Going through a process of elimination addressing some very specific problems can restore the lost energy, nutrients, and function that the body has to regain in order to restore balance and health. This is a specific collection of some of the substances nature has provided which are used to accomplish these small miracles. When used together properly they have the ability to reverse most cancers regardless of type or stage.