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Magnet Therapy

Magnets and their application are by far, one of the most helpful yet also the most widely misunderstood natural resources for health and wellness in the world, though they have been in use since 2000 B.C. Administering magnetism was becoming more acceptable in the US after WW2, but there was a major push for mass treatment with medications and antibiotics.  

One of the quickest and most powerful ways to achieve high amounts of oxygenation in the human body is by applying high-powered magnets to the surface of the body. Just like healthy food and water, magnets have proven to be very effective for what they do best and that is to assist the body to produce instant and massive amounts of oxygen for the body’s cells. This process is accomplished by placing the correct type of high powered negative magnetic field against the body, causing an instant alkaline effect to all tissues, cells and organs in the applied field of exposure.

 This will allow the bicarbonate buffer system to maintain a healthy, normalizing state to the cell by way of the oxidoreductase enzyme, (free radical scavenger) which not only eliminates the acids including peroxides, alcohols and aldehydes, but also release oxygen (O2) instantaneously into the tissues and organs. By now, you should recognize  that cancer will not live in this environment, as it seeks and thrives only in an acidic-hypoxic (high acid and low oxygen) state. So, this process of cleaning up the body at the cellular level will allow a new alkaline-hyperoxic (low acid and high oxygen) state to subsist and normalize the functions of these tissues, cells and organs. 

Magnets function physiologically like antioxidants, generating free radical scavengers to actually change the body’s inner environment over to a negative ionic state of well-being. This brings alkalinity to the applicable area.

Magnets also reverse and negate much of the accumulated effects from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in your body. The systematic use of these magnets is invaluable to your success in creating a stronger immune system, metabolically. 

The physiological effects of Negative Magnetic Fields:

-Normalize pH (alkaline)


-Reduces symptoms

-Reduces pain and inflammation

-Resolves cellular adema

-Inhibits microorganisms replication and slows infection

-Governs rest, relaxation, and sleep

-Eliminates free radicals

-Clears metabolically-produced toxins from the body

-Induces anabolic hormone production-melatonin and growth hormone

Magnets are an excellent alternative to the mainstream choices to which you have become accustomed.