"This website is dedicated to the memory of all those who lost their lives rejecting a broken and corrupt system, while searching for the truth about cancer."

Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson is Canadian, born in 1949. Working in the medical field, he founded the Phoenix Tears. He is well-known as the world’s leading cannabis (Marihuana) activist. His journey began in 2003 when he was diagnosed with skin cancer. After he went through unsuccessful surgery, he decided to try something completely different from conventional medicine. This decision was world changing. Rick started applying extracted cannabis oil direct to skin lesions on head and neck, and after only four days cancer disappeared.
The first documentary about Rick experience was filmed in 2008. Since then, this documentary was seen by millions of people worldwide. Personally, Rick helped thousands of people to cure cancer, but his story was spread all over the world and helped much more people. Rick Simpson hemp oil differ from others oil of this type, as it contains higher amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


After experiencing benefits of cannabis oil for skin cancer, Rick helped his mother to cure psoriasis. Following this, he treated more than 50 people with different skin problems. He helped one man who had melanoma that was not operable. Also, this man complained Rick about his problems with eyes, since he had glaucoma. Rick advised him to try consuming cannabis oil orally. Pretty soon, the men felt relief in eye pressure.
Rick has successfully used his hemp oil in patients with cancer, but also with many other conditions, such as diabetes, chronic pain, and infections. He first recommended the use of oil until the subjects were completely healed. Soon, he learned that the dose of oil needed for healing the most severe diseases was 60 grams. Importantly, as Rick likes to say, in those people who were in a too late stage of cancer to heal, oil helps in relieving the pain and improving the quality of life.
Like all great minds and inventors, Rick has not always been well accepted. He was questioned more times, and, in 2009, imprisoned and treated like a common dealer. The truth is that Rick has not been selling his oil, but rather promoting it for free, and just for therapeutic purposes. Since he met such lack of support in Canada from both authorities and pharmaceutical companies, Rick moved to Europe where he has continued working on cannabis oil.
For making approximately 60 grams of Rick’s oil, we need 500 grams of marihuana buds of the first class. This is enough for a 90-day standard treatment. Rick recommends starting with 3 intakes per day (one dose is a size of rice grain). Then, the dose doubles every four days, until reaching the 1 gram per day. After the disease is cured, Rick recommends continuing with the use of oil, for instance, one gram per month, just to prevent the relapses.