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Selenium and Cancer

The relationship between Selenium and cancer has been recently acknowledged by the USA FDA however natural Dr’s have known about this miracle mineral for a long time. Selenium is a component of over 24 different selenoproteins, which are important for reproduction, thyroid hormone metabolism, and DNA synthesis, as well as protection from infection and oxidative damageĀ  We all need selenium and being deficient in selenium is alone a biomedical pathway to cancer. We get selenium in our diets but often times not enough leaving our bodies deficient. When considering selenium and cancer reversal it is important to get your body 200 micro grams per day, this trace amount gives your body to fight cancer in some amazing ways even by directly causing apoptosis. It is also used by the body to assist in removing toxic heavy metals. The presents of these metals effect the immune system and contribute directly to cancer . Everything we have learned also indicates both the organic forms of selenium (L-selenomethionine and selenium-methyl L-selenocysteine), as well as the inorganic sodium selenite, are required to kill off all incipient cancer cells that might be developing in your body. The overwhelming scientific evidence supports selenium’s anticancer activity, and favors prudent dietary supplementation with selenium.