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As humans, we evolved over a millennium ago in balance with nature and without exposure to harsh synthetic chemicals. Then, just over 100 years ago, the production of synthetic chemicals used for a variety of industrial and agricultural purposes exploded. This left us exposed to a new range of synthetic chemicals which are very toxic to our bodies.

Over time, these chemicals have managed to get into our hygiene products as well as our food. This leaves us exposed several times a day to chemicals which are known to be carcinogenic and/or cause hormone disruption. While researchers debate the dangers of these individual chemicals, no one really considers the impact of the combinations of chemical cocktails we are exposed to on a constant day-to-day basis.

This “Key” is about understanding the need to eliminate these day-to-day exposures. Regardless of how small you think the exposure is, it is important to find a healthy substitute. As you reduce these exposures, you also reduce the load that your immune system has to deal with effectively, thereby giving your body a better chance to heal.

Household cleaners: We use harsh chemicals to clean our floors, kitchens and bathrooms. These cleaners are toxic to breathe, and the dried residue they leave behind is likewise toxic. Vinegar kills 99% of all bacteria and is safe to use as a household cleaner.

Body Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizer: Most commercial brands of body-care products contain cancer-causing chemicals. There are several commercial brands which are safe and nontoxic, switching to one of these brands can eliminate this consistent exposure.

Deodorant: Most deodorant and antiperspirants expose you to multiple toxic chemicals and metals on a daily basis, so finding a substitute is essential. There are many different types of natural deodorants and antiperspirants, or you can make your own using coconut oil and baking soda

Makeup, Nail Polish: This category makes up several different types of products made with a variety of toxic chemicals, although many brands have recently started advertising they are toxic free.

Toxic free brands should be used or else you might want to consider discontinuing makeup use.

Tampons: Tampons have been found to be the source of exposure of some very toxic chemicals and solvent residuals left behind from the manufacturing process. It is best to not use tampons or to find a nontoxic substitute. Commercial brands of pads can also be unsafe and should be considered a source of exposure.

Shaving Cream: This is another daily source of toxic exposure that can be replaced fairly easily with a nontoxic brand or by using a naturally produced soap.

Hair Care Products: Hairsprays, hair dyes, conditioning treatments; are all sources of exposure and should be carefully considered. If you cannot find a natural substitute, these products should be discontinued until a good state of health is achieved.

Insecticide: Be careful using insecticide products in your environment as the residues left last a long time and are very toxic. Try to find naturally made products that focus on deterring insects such as certain essential oils.

Suntan Lotion: Petro synthetic chemicals processed into suntan lotion are very toxic and cause both cancer and deficiency in the body by blocking the production of Vitamin D. Which has also been directly linked to the formation of cancer. Time management or the use of natural sun blockers is the only option; commercial brands of suntan lotion should be avoided completely.

Over-the-Counter Medications: These products are often made with very toxic ingredients and serve no purpose if you are trying to get healthy. They should never be used; a natural substitute will always work better and cause less long-term liability to your health.

Laundry Detergent: Conventional laundry soaps are made from very toxic ingredients, and the residuals stay on your cloths and absorb through your skin. Borax is a safe alternative and should be used instead of commercial brands.

Toothpaste: Many nontoxic brands of toothpaste are available but be careful as some claim to be safe and are not. The best way is to make your own; mixing baking soda, coconut oil and peppermint oil has become popular. This is a very cheap, effective and safe way of getting teeth clean without the chemicals of conventional toothpastes.

Toilet Paper: Toilet Paper is processed in solvents and often made with toxic fragrances. It is best to use the simple brown, non scented paper or discontinue use and find another method of washing after using the rest room.

Electromagnetic Toxicity

We live in a digital world and we all have exposure to EMFs as a result.  However, it is beneficial to your health to reduce your exposure to as many of these dangerous frequencies as possible, especially from the environment where you sleep. Proper sleep is needed to heal, and EMFs at night must be avoided in order to truly sleep properly.

The exposure to these unnatural frequencies is very toxic to our bodies and is another contributing factor to cancer. Analyze your local area to see how close you are to major electrical substations, high-voltage wires, and transformers that give off dangerous levels of EMFs.

Then look in your own environment. Do you have a smart meter that records the electrical energy used in your home? How close is it to your bedroom? If it is too close, you may want to consider a blocker, which can create a barrier preventing further exposure.

You should always keep electronics out of your bedroom as their frequencies can disrupt your natural sleep pattern. For optimal health, nothing should be plugged in while you sleep, and your headboard should be far from power outlets. If you need to use an alarm clock, use a manual one; do not charge your phone or any other batteries in your bedroom during sleep time. If you have WiFi, disconnect it.

Also, avoid portable phones, Bluetooth and any other wireless electronics. Be aware of your environment and take notice to any sources of dirty EMFs. Try to limit your exposure and make certain to sleep in a safe place where you are not directly exposed—over a long period of time, this alone can change your body’s entire health.