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Water is a basic necessity for human life, and the quality of your water is also one of the most important factors in health and cancer reversal. Water quality is based on a range of different factors. Most water consumed today is tap water that comes straight from the faucet, and unfortunately, in most places, this water is quite toxic, containing everything from chlorine to industrial fluoride and a variety of pharmaceutical drugs. Drinking this unpurified water on a day-to-day basis is one of the leading causes of the body’s degenerative process and the breakdown of health.

In order to get healthy, you must consider several factors when it comes to the water that you drink, the biggest of which is whether the water is free from toxic chemicals. Verifying the source of your water and the cleanliness of the source is important. You should also consider having the proper filters in place to cleanse the water of any impurities lurking in your glass.

Water is your primary source of minerals and much of the water supply is lacking in the proper minerals needed for healthy survival. Oftentimes it is necessary to reintroduce the proper minerals into your water supply for your body’s needs. There is a direct relationship between the mineral content and the pH of the water. The letters pH stand for “potential hydrogen.”Pure water is said to have a pH of 7. As the mineral content of your water increases, so does its pH, which brings your water to a more alkaline state and helps the body maintain a necessary pH of 7.365.

An important thing to consider with water is its level of bioavailability. All around the world there are some very well known natural springs with amazing healing benefits. After studying this water, the common denominator has been found to be in its structure, “single linear molecular structure” that makes it very bioavailable.

Access to this water can be very limited depending on where you live, however several ways to re-structure your water have become available. One of the easiest ways includes mimicking the natural flow of water in these springs to encourage the process of structuring of the water. In recent times through the advancement of technology lasers have been invented which structure the water. This method can be quite expensive but very effective in helping you to structure your water.

To sum it up water is one of the most important factors in improving and maintaining your health. The flavorless, colorless, odorless beverage may seem healthy by default yet there are several factors to consider when choosing what water to put in your body.