Water Quality

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Water Quality

We all know that drinking water is an essential part of the human diet. After all, our bodies are comprised of mostly water. Drinking enough water helps you regulate your body’s temperature, digest food, create saliva, circulate blood, absorb, and transport nutrients.

When choosing a water source, quality is key. It’s obvious that polluted water is bad for you. Yet, did you know that your drinking water contains harmful toxins as well?

Our bottled and tap waters are polluted with numerous carcinogens that negatively affect our health. Pharmaceuticals, industrial factories, and agricultural runoff are all responsible for this. In the United States and other developing countries, water toxicity exists at levels about 5 times higher than recommended amounts.

Bottled water is essentially just tap water with a bit of filtering. BPH in the plastic leaches into water during transportation due to cycles of heating in manufacturing, distributing, storing, and transportation.

The more contaminated water is, the more acidic it becomes, contributing to acidosis. As you’ve read in another ‘root causes’ section, acidosis is one of the leading causes of cancer.

Additionally, drinking this contaminated water can increase dehydration. Standard water processing leads to the molecular structure of water ‘clumping together’, making it difficult to be absorbed by the body.

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