"This website is dedicated to the memory of all those who lost their lives rejecting a broken and corrupt system, while searching for the truth about cancer."

This website is not meant to provide a single protocol for anyone dealing with cancer. This website is a collection of many different protocols, therapies and supplements that can assist the body in reversing cancer. This website is purely for educational purposes. Anyone diagnosed with cancer should seek help from a professional that is qualified to assist them in applying these methods.

Cancer is unique, there is not one specific cause or one sole cure. There are many types of detoxes, therapies and supplements that can help the body heal from cancer. The protocols on this website are shared with the understanding that it takes a variety of natural combination therapies to reverse cancer. A holistic perspective on reversing cancer is key if you want to properly heal yourself in all parts of life.

This website does not attempt to identify and list all the possible protocols that can be used to reverse cancer. This is a digital platform providing free information that can drastically revolutionize you and your families health.

Dr. Gary Gautier has successfully helped numerous patients reverse cancer using only natural methods for over 36 years. In these near 4 decades of work, he has used several protocols, detoxes and supplements to reverse many types of cancer and other chronic diseases. He is an acclaimed author whose book, “Heal Thyself: Optimal Health Forever” works to demystify holistic healing with applicable tips for living a low stress, low toxin life.

The website, presented by “Nature’s Solution”, is meant to give you easy to understand insight on how Dr. Gautier operates and uses these natural techniques to reverse cancer. Nothing on this site is guaranteed to “cure” you of anything. Some people surf the web, applying random protocols that they see working for others while not really understanding how to use them in their own lives. Cancer is caused by exposures to various toxins, deficiencies of key vitamins and minerals, even the toxins in the general water supply contributes to the mutation of your cells. The Keys is a list of natural tools documented and used for the purposes of reaching optimum health as well as helping the body heal from cancer.


Over the last century, the number of cancer cases has exploded, growing exponentially. During this time there have been countless doctors, researchers, and even average people with no professional interest that have contributed to the ever growing knowledge used to successfully reverse this horrible disease. The few listed here are the ones whose work have been incorporated into Dr Gary Gautier's program. While each contributor gave essential information, due to each ones specific scope of treatment none of them could reverse everyone's cancer. Some healed thousands of people however due to the complexity of cancer and the number of factors which can contribute to the individual cancer process, no one method will work for everyone. The combination of work contributed by these incredible people is what evolved into the “The Keys To Cancer” and collectively it is the only responsible way to heal from cancer.