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Baking Soda and Cancer

Alot of people are talking about baking soda and cancer! Baking soda is one of the most alkaline substances we can digest and has been successfully used in cancer reversal processes. Baking soda assist the body in fighting acidosis. Eating cooked processed foods makes our body acidic and one of the ways to help create balance is to consume small amounts of baking soda on a empty stomach. There is a strong relationship between being acidic and having cancer so if we can keep our pH balanced at or about 7.365 then we help our body naturally fight cancer. In addition to assisting the body in balancing the pH baking soda is also known for killing microbes which has also been proven to be a very big contributing factor in the cancer process. Baking soda and cancer should not be considered as a single method therapy, however it should be used as 1 of many therapies in a comprehensive program which addresses the most number of underlining contributing factors. If used properly baking soda can be very effective at assisting the body however if used improperly it can also be very dangerous. This therapy should be done with the guidance of a medical professional to avoid any health risks