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Baking Soda Cancer Cure

There is no such thing as a baking soda cancer cure. There is no cure for cancer and never will be a cure for cancer. The idea Baking soda cancer cure however does have some merit. Dr Simoncini an Italian physician found a lot of success using baking soda intravenously to poison the tumor effectively shrinking them to nothing. This success caused many people to start considering the baking soda cancer cure as their primary cancer treatment. Though it is a very good technique and ingesting baking soda also has some very powerful anti cancer benefits, we advocate for a more comprehensive approach addressing all the potential root causes. We do not to consider any 1 therapy over the value of utilizing all that is available to address as many root causes as possible. Some people are very lucky and are able to reverse cancer with very little however most people do need serious care and need to address many of the potential root causes if not all of them. The baking soda cancer cure can also not replace good diet, even though it will raise your pH in addition to using the baking soda you must eat more raw vegetables and less cooked foods. This is the proper way to balance the bodies pH which is one of the most important factors in reversing cancer.