"This website is dedicated to the memory of all those who lost their lives rejecting a broken and corrupt system, while searching for the truth about cancer."

Dr. Hulda Clarke

Dr. Hulda Clarke, a Canadian advocate of alternative medicine, was born in 1928. She attended the University of Saskatchewan, McGill University, and the University of Minnesota, and received a doctoral degree in 1958. Dr. Clarke studies throughout her education focused on biophysics and cell physiology. In 1979, Dr. Clarke began her own research as a private consultant. Her primary research focus was on patients with late-stage cancers. She published several books, such as: ʺThe Cure of All Cancers.” There, she postulated that all cancers are caused by flatworms. This research took her down many avenues; from the study of parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungus to heavy metals, solvents and radioactivity. She wanted to find out how the human body cells react to these invaders.

She came up with many solutions to rid our bodies of these invaders. Dr. Clarke researched the use of herbs, essential oils, orthomolecular therapy and frequency therapy. She focused on the importance of dental health, as well as everyday awareness of environmental factors.


Dr. Clark was famous for her claims that all diseases are caused by parasitic infections, and that, by knowing this cause, she could heal all diseases, including cancer and HIV (AIDS). In purpose of curing these diseases, she was promoting electrical devices able to destroy parasites. Dr. Clarke claimed that her methods were nothing like the methods of conventional medicine which were just aiming to relieve the symptoms of the disease. She based her methods on the belief that diseases are due to the foreign organisms and pollutants. In accordance, she was convinced that eliminating the parasites, viruses, and bacteria, by electrocution or herbal remedies, would cure diseases, including cancer. Also, she advocated the elimination of pollutants from the environment and the diet. Dr. Clarke invented devices such as the zapper and syncrometer, based on which she developed her cancer protocols. She claimed that these protocols were 100% effective in stopping metastasis and curing cancer, regardless of the type and stage. As she would add, after stopping cancer with her methods, cancer would not come back. Besides inventing devices, Dr. Clarke developed herb-based recipes for cleaning the body, including the liver. Her liver cleanses recipe was an essential part of her protocols and was able not only to clean the liver but even to flush the gallstones out. Dr. Clarke operated health clinics in the US, but, due to the legal issues, relocated to Mexico, where she operated the clinic from 2002 until she died . Her devices and claims were dismissed by the US authorities, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission. In 1999, Dr. Clarke was arrested and charged with practicing medicine without the license in previous years. Still, this trumped up charge was later dismissed. Clarke was dealing with legal difficulties even in Mexico. Namely, in 2001, the authorities inspected her clinic and ordered its closing. Still, later that year, the clinic was reopened.

Dr Clarke’s self-health approach, has touched countless individuals around the globe who have been able to help themselves with the knowledge that she has provided. Dr. Clarke endured severe attacks by professional adversaries as well as Government Officials. She nevertheless carried on sharing her knowledge for the benefit of health and mankind.

Although Dr. Clarke’s adversaries have claimed she died from cancer, this is not true, and they aren’t even aware of the mystery of her death. A month after she died, the death certificate was released listing anemia and hypercalcemia as a cause of death, with additional diagnosis- cancer of bone marrow. Still, her official website and close loved ones claimed she died from complications due to a spinal injury, at the age of 80.
We are thankful for Dr. Clarke’s unselfish dedication and lasting contributions to all.

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