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Dr. Max Gerson

Dr Max Gerson

Dr. Max Gerson was born in Germany in 1881. He lived in Germany, Vienna, France, and England, and later settled in America in 1942. He graduated at the University of Freiburg in 1909. At the age of 28, Dr. Gerson started practicing medicine and later specialized in internal medicine, nerve diseases, and treatment of tuberculosis. After 30 years of experience in clinical practice, in 1958, just one year before he died, Dr. Gerson published his book: “A cancer therapy: Results of 50 cases”. Here, he claimed to have successfully cured 50 patients with terminal cancer. His therapy was one of the first natural therapeutic approaches for dealing with cancer. Namely, Dr. Gerson’s therapy was initially aimed to help people with migraine headaches and tuberculosis. Actually, Dr. Gerson developed this therapy as he was suffering from migraines himself and was searching for natural solutions. Afterward, in 1928, Dr. Gerson started practicing his therapy in order to heal people from cancer.


The Gerson cancer therapy aims to activate the body to heal itself, by boosting its immune system. This approach assumes that the accumulation of toxins causes diseases. This therapy recommends a vegetarian diet with high amounts of organic fruits and vegetables. More precisely, according to the Dr. Gerson Therapy, patients should make raw juices from fresh ingredients and drink them up to 13 times per day (i.e. each hour). Also, Dr. Gerson highly recommends natural supplements, like vitamin B12, potassium supplements, pancreatic enzymes and others. Dr. Gerson’s therapy also aims to support the liver, as our main organ for detoxification and it suggests coffee enema as the primary way to do this. Besides detoxification, the ideal goal of the natural cancer therapy, according to Dr. Gerson, is to restore the anti-oxidative defense of the body and to provide adequate amounts of minerals, primarily potassium. Dr. Gerson was particularly interested in potassium since he was aware of the electro-negativity present in malignant tissues (caused by higher sodium and lower potassium content). The success of Dr. Gerson’s natural cancer therapy outweighs the success of conventional therapies, as well as most alternative cancer therapies. It has a very high percentage, up to 90-95%, of cancers which Dr. Gerson treated, were terminal cancer cases. The overall cure rate Dr. Gerson achieved was around 50% which is extraordinary, especially when considering that this counts not only patients who lived for a year or so, but all his patients. As Dr. Gerson would add, treatments could be even more successful if patients themselves, as well as their family and family doctors, resisted less to his strict therapy approach.

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