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Dr. Royal Raymond Rife

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was an American scientist and inventor, born in 1888. Many people now claim he was a real genius. He was famous for developing powerful optic microscopes and inventing the way of destroying microorganisms. His work in the laboratory started in 1912, in San Diego, later on, he was working in Germany. In 1914, he was given an honorary doctoral degree in parasitology at the University of Heidelberg. He was working for the Carl Zeiss, New York firm which was producing microscopes. From 1915 until 1920 he was working at his own, private lab, on identifying and classifying microorganisms that were causing diseases. At the time Dr. Rife started working on cancer, he was frustrated by the limitations of available microscopes. Thus, as he claimed, he invented the microscope able to visualize microbes that were too small to be observed with previous technology. In addition, he invented a beam ray device that could destroy deadly microorganisms by using coordinative resonance.


Although Dr. Rife died in 1971, interest in his inventions did not. Unfortunately, he was not well appreciated in his time. The Scientific society discredited his work in the 1950s and stated that his claims and achievements could not be replicated by other researchers. Still, Dr. Rife believed that conspiracy, led by the American Medical Association (AMA), caused the rejection of his ideas. Luckily, interest in Dr. Rife’s work was revived by a book The Cancer Cure That Worked”, published in 1987. This book claimed that Dr. Rife had invented devices that could actually treat cancer, which was especially appealing to followers of alternative medicine. In accordance with this, production and commercialization of devices named by Dr. Rife (“Rife device” or “Rife frequency generator”) began in the 1980s. As Dr. Rife claimed, each disease has some unique electromagnetic frequency, as their electromagnetic signature. According to him, identification of that frequency and production of the impulse of the same frequency, could kill diseased cells and, thus, heal the disease. In practice, using Rife devices consist of placing electrical pads on hands or feet, and attaching these pads to the machine producing impulses. These machines work by generating low energy waves which can destroy cancer cells.

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