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Grounding, also known as earthing, involves direct-to-skin contact with the Earth’s surface, usually with bare hands or feet. The practice derives from claims act of walking barefoot on the ground helps to enhance feelings of well-being and overall health, which is well-documented in several cultures throughout history.

Many people are hesitant to employ this practice, since walking barefoot is conventionally thought of to be unhealthy or even unwise. Nonetheless, sustained contact with the earth may provide many benefits for your health. Grounding can provide many benefits such as decreased levels of inflammation, more sound sleep, and a reduction in stress and anxiety levels

Grounding is beneficial because it helps align your body’s natural bio electromagnetic energy with the electromagnetic field of the Earth. When this happens, you can see a decrease in pain levels and even feelings of isolation.

There are many systems developed by a man named Clinton Ober available that can help you to sustain contact with the earth even if you’re not outside.  As you sleep, sit at a desk, or sit on a couch you can still practice grounding in more accessible ways. Some of these Earthing Substitute Products are often found in the form of wrist and ankle bands, adhesive patches or even bed sheets. They connect to the earth with a cord that plugs into a wall outlet or that may be attached to a rod placed in the soil outside your  window.

Grounding practitioners say that connecting with the earth allows for the free electrons located in the surface of the earth to spread into and over your body, providing an antioxidant effect. Mobile electrons may create a smaller environment that surrounds the repair field in an injury, reduces inflammation, and can slow or even prevent reactive oxygen that may cause damage to healthy tissues. The result may be enhanced healing of your burns, rashes, or wounds and a healthier immune system.

Walking barefoot is also beneficial because it helps potent antioxidants, in the form of electrons, penetrate your body, returning it to its natural state of balance.