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In various parts of the world, the practice of oil pulling is a time-honored and revered tradition. Oil pulling is an ancient dental technique practiced in Ayurvedic healthcare medicine. Traditionally, oil pulling involves swishing the mouth with a tablespoon of oil – usually sunflower or coconut oil – for around 20 minutes then spitting it into trash. This is important because this oil contains toxins so you should never swallow it. The swishing action of the oil is thought to draw out oil-soluble toxins from the body, improving overall and oral health.

Millions of microorganisms reside in your mouth, and some of them are of the friendly sort, but not all. Amazingly, your mouth is home to more than 600 species of bacteria. It is thought by folk medicine practitioners that the toxins of the body build up in the mouth. Not only that, oil pulling helps remove plaque from your teeth, boosts the health of your gums, and can even whiten your teeth— the natural way.

Dr. Charles Mayo who founded the Mayo Clinic believed that all mouth problems/deficiences affect your entire body. Since the mouth is the primary pathway for nutrients your entire body absorbs, it also serves as a carrier for disease. Oil pulling assists in fighting oral bacteria, as well as assist the body in removing all types of toxins that affect your hormones, acne, high blood pressure, and even cold sores. There is a direct link between bacterial overgrowth in the mouth and the development of breast cancer. Stimulating the detox process in your body through oil pulling should not be overlooked as this is a significant component to any cancer reversal protocol.