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Rife machines are a helpful tool in natural cancer reversal. Royal Raymond Rife invented the Rife machine in the early part of the 20th century. According to Rife and supporters of the Rife technology, each disease, including cancer, has a unique electromagnetic frequency. So as such, some folks refer to the machine as the Rife frequency generator.

The Rife machine finds that frequency and then reproduces an impulse that is equal to that specific frequency, it can either kill or disable the targeted cells affected by the disease.

The machine has electrical pads that are positioned on your feet or hands and attach to the Rife machine. The machine then delivers electrical impulses in the form of low-energy waves to your body. Most people who use the Rife machine stay connected to it for a few minutes each day. This is generally recommended several times each week.

During his lifetime, Rife was able to prove what is now known as the modern theory of frequency therapy by destroying living microorganisms using specific frequencies of energy. His work and theories evolved to become known as radionics. Since that time, his theories and work have been expanded upon to create a wide variety of modern frequency machines that help in assisting with whole body detox and the killing of cancer cells and pathogens.

The use of electromagnetic technology in medicine is not unheard of; X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging, for example, have been tapped into successfully for the diagnosis of a range of conditions and ailments.

Although the Rife machine has its share of detractors, emerging research clearly shows that low frequencies of electromagnetic energy have a dramatic effect on cancer cells while protecting normal, healthy cells. This type of research, however, involves a slightly different technology from the technology seen in the Rife machine. Keep in mind that no matter what frequency technology you use, it all started with Royal Rife.